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About Us


Daniel and wife Krynson Jesko are the owner and operators of Sugarland Cattle Feeders and Sugarland Premium Beef. As a proud Hereford native, Daniel Jesko was born into farming and cattle raising and knew he wanted the same for his 3 daughters. It is in his blood to care for the land and the animals on it. For over 30 years, Daniel has grown cattle feed for surrounding feedyards as well as fed his own cattle out in other yards. Krynson helps Daniel with the paperwork that goes into the farm and ranch. When Sugarland went on the market, he put his trust in God and took a leap of faith in starting a cattle feeding business of his own. Sugarland has officially been in business for over a year now and our family is loving every minute of it.

Erin and her husband Carson Blair work hand in hand in growing the feedyard. Erin has a degree in Ag Business and Economics and is the office manager and head of financials along with Daniel. She enjoys building relationships with fellow cattlemen in trying to serve them in any way she can. Carson has a degree in Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences. He helps run the day to day activities in the yard. He enjoys hard work and finds pride in all the tasks he does. He grew up knowing he wanted to work in the cattle industry like both his grandpa's and is grateful God led him here. 

Tiffany works hard behind the scenes and uses her degree in Business Management to help in advertising for the business and is an insurance agent and ensures the safety of Sugarland. Her husband Kelton Mote has a masters in Wildlife Biology and loves breaking away on any weekend or free time to come help with yard work.


Krysha is married to Justin Hostetler, who works in IT. With both of them living in Michigan, they both work behind the scenes and pick up any remote tasks available. They are the go to when odd jobs and lengthy tasks can be done remotely.

The Sugarland Story


Sugarland Cattle Feeders started in August 2020. Sugarland has not been an operating feedyard since 2009, so a lot of hard work has gone into repairing and maintaining the yard. We are slowly fixing it up and adding more and more cattle to the yard.

Daniel Jesko has a huge background in farming, which allows us to grow our own commodities such as silage and alfalfa. This gives us the ability to know exactly what we are feeding to the cattle. He takes pride in his crops and grows the highest quality of feed he can. This knowledge allows him to look over, even out sourced commodities, and ensure we are only feeding quality feed ingredients.

We work closely with our nutritionist, Nathan Elam, to ensure cattle are getting feed rations that allow them to perform at their highest potential. Nathan has many years in ruminant nutrition and is thought very highly of throughout the industry. We enjoy working with him and believe customers will be very pleased with their cattles gains.


Dr. Kynan Sturgess is the vet for Sugarland Cattle Feeders. He has helped to create protocols in our cattle doctoring. He has been a vital help to us and continues to work with us to ensure the cattle are getting to the greatest level of care they can be. We take cattle health very seriously and are grateful that he can be there when we need it.

Sugarland Premium Beef

We continue to strive and grow in every way we can. Advancements in our personal herds have allowed us to raise Akaushi cattle, a Japanese Wagyu beef. This breed creates premium beef with wonderful health benefits. Key aspects of akaushi beef includes high-fat content leading to a beautifully marbled and tender meat and higher monounsaturated fat than saturated fat which helps to lower cholesterol and prevent coronary heart disease and weight loss. There are so many great benefits but the best of all is the taste!

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